MaxitFitness – what is it? Does it mean, maximum personal fitness, and what is that? Personal fitness, in and by itself, means that generally speaking a person is physically fit, although even that can take many variations. Does it mean you’re good at American Football, or Soccer perhaps. Possibly you are totally hooked on Track and Field, or running marathons. Well, the list is endless. Then when you finally decide what is it you want to concentrate on, then it turns into another question, how big of a portion of my life is this newfound love going to take? Is this going to turn into huge deal, high level amateur, or maybe even a professional career? Options are bewildering. How one’s life and activities are going to take shape for years to come. Big moves, big decisions. Now, this contemplation is based on the fact that by popular vote, most people figure that being fit, is all about physical fitness. I would venture to say that perhaps as many as 70% or so. But, hey, that is NOT what this website is all about! Or, it’s that, and a whole lot more!

Our idea is this; we all have a potential life to live on up to about 100 or so. Some live even longer, and some less, but from around the age of late 60’s people are starting to get nervous, and most of us are having at least a yearly check up to make sure our vitals are in good shape. And considering what is available to us out there, both in terms of technology and advice, it looks pretty good, for those who are constantly in tune with this knowledge, and shaping their lives accordingly, it means there’s a good chance they can reach that maximum life expectancy while living their life to the fullest. How nice is that? What could possibly be better than that. Just think about it. Let’s just say you’ll live to be 85 years. Great, but how you live, is what makes all the difference. Many of us, end up in different stages of hospital care for the last 10 to 15 years, possibly even in a coma. Even more so, many of us are affected by serious illnesses, causing great difficulties and 24/7 care for the final years of our lives. And I know, none of us want that. In fact, there’s a strong and growing movement behind the idea of¬†euthanasia. People suffering from long time, grave illnesses are increasingly wanting to decide how to end their life. They are terminally diagnosed and the situation is only getting worse, so many of them feel it is within their rights to stop the suffering.


MaxitFitness is not taking sides with this issue, but admittedly, it is difficult, no matter how you look at it. On the other hand, what we are at MaxitFitness committed to is to end the any and all unnecessary human suffering. What we are interesting in, is to provide information, advice and products to our clients that will help them to live fully and active lives.